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I am often asked how long therapy will last.  Unfortunately, I cannot offer a specific answer to this question as every client I work with is different and I endeavour for all clients to feel valued, heard and accepted.  I therefore generally suggest we have a few sessions together and then review the work we have done so far, so we can discuss what might be the best path for us to take moving forward.


Individual Counselling: The counselling process enables you to work through the issues which may have been bothering you for years or, which appear to have only surfaced recently.  For example, issues such as, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or problems within relationships, which might include difficulties around sex. Identifying the source of the problems can then allow you to resolve these issues or simply learn how to manage your feelings around them more effectively, in order that you can move forward and lead a happier, more satisfying life.


Couples Counselling: Most couples encounter problems within their relationship at some point.  Through counselling a couple can begin to learn how and why they interact with each in particular ways.  They can then go on to learn more effective ways to communicate and resolve conflict.  This investment can enable their relationship to become stronger and healthier.  The skills learnt can also help with other relationships in your life.  When working with couples I focus on the relationship you have together, rather than how you work as individuals.  Doing this ensures no judgement or blame is placed on either party involved. 

Cerian Bristow Counselling

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