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Sex still appears to remain a taboo subject for many people, often because of religious or cultural beliefs, or simply because of naivety or embarrassment.  Through this, there are many people who suffer in silence for many years with sexual problems.  By working openly and honestly with couples and individuals I try to break down the taboo surrounding these problems, in order that we can bring them safely into the open and work towards resolving and managing them.  Through assessment and open discussion we can ascertain whether the issues you are experiencing are physical, psychological or both*.  Then, if needed, a treatment plan will be specifically created for you, which we will discuss fully during our sessions.  Any tasks set will be carried out in the privacy of your home.  The aim of this type of counselling is to work through the sexual issue/s and make your sex life fun and enjoyable.


*This is a talking therapy only, NO physical examinations will take place during sessions. 

Cerian Bristow Counselling

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